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Autism Specialist Consultant and Trainer

Autism Advocate, Consultant and Trainer

Autism Advocate, Consultant and Trainer

Bobbi Elman

I am a mother of an autistic young teen ( coexisting EDS hypermobility type, high anxiety (exposure anxiety). I am a University of Birmingham graduate with a degree in SEN children Autism.... I work specifically with Autistic children/young people and believe in a low arousal, child/person centered approach.

I have worked extensively with the following using an eclectic child centered approach:

  • Floortime,
  • PECS-,
  • SPELL 
  • Continuing SaLT activities given by the therapist, including: semantics, phonics, sorting and sequencing,and social skills.
  • sensory processing difficulties- including Sensory Room
  • methods in working in both home and educational setting, (including assisting in adapting curriculum to differentiate) with children on the Autism Spectrum.

I also have developed/delivered a variety of physical activity, creative, arts and crafts, games in "social skills" groups- 6 children varying in ages. 

I also deliver various training to staff in schools including autism awareness training and will happily deliver training to anyone who works or has contact with an Autistic child/ young person/ adult in understanding Autism.

I continue to attended various seminars, workshops and courses relating to the new SEN changes, SEN Law and in specifics, EHCPs. Please contact me for details.

Specialities include:

  • Social stories
  • visual diaries/schedules/Visual aides
  • Setting up educational and home environment for a child with Autism Spectrum including adapting curriculum for differentiation of ability, to utilise strengths as well as main motivations and interests.
  • Autism Advisory


Training Delivered-

  • INSET Training- delivering One Page/Single page portrait/Profile aka Passport, and other child/person centred tools.
  • Importance of communication between parents of Autistic students and schools/colleges. 
  • Autism Spectrum Awareness training
  • Working as a 1:1 support for an autistic student, good practice and strategies

I do NOT support ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) or PBS (Positive Behavioural Support) .

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