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Autism Specialist Consultant and Trainer

I am available for consultations. I am happy to visit you at your home or we can communicate in the medium you chose. I am on all social media platforms as well as Skype, Messenger, phone or email. 


I have worked over 12 years now with autistic children and their families. I have 2 children and my youngest teenager is autistic ( his preferred terminology).  I can assist and support you in creating an "autistic-friendly"  environment in your home to create a calmer place.  I am able to assist you with every aspect from Visuals, Picture/Social stories, "toilet training", sleep, eating and sensory processing differences.  Any "difficulties" you are dealing with can be assessed and broken down into smaller steps to ensure a positive outcome. Social/emotional communication is an area autistic children can have difficulty in. I am PECS ( picture exchange communication system) trained and can support you and your child in this very important area.  Having  a child centered approach, I look at what works for your child as well as the whole family. 

Please email - for more details. 



For those with an income of over £40’000 per year my fee is £65 per hour

For those with an income of less that £40,000 but more than £20,000 my fee is £50 per hour. 

For those with an income less than £20,000 or are experiencing difficulties, please do email me to discuss further. I operate a sliding scale.